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Family Name : PAUZIE

First Name : Annie

Address: INRETS/LESCOT, 25 Avenue François Mitterrand, 69675 - BRON cedex - Case 24

Tel : 33-4-72-14-24-31, Fax : 33-4-72-14-24-37, Email :
1985 : PhD in Neurosciences, University of Sciences in Toulouse, France.

1985-1987: Research assistant at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Kinesiology Laboratory, USA.

since January 1988: Researcher 1st class at INRETS, French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research, LESCOT, Laboratory of Ergonomics and Cognitive Sciences applied to Transport, Lyon-Bron, France.

2003 : Research Director
Research Topics:

Identification of needs and functional capacities of Human in the context of Human /System /Environment, with a specific focus dedicated to elderly people (drivers, travelers)

Acceptability, usability and safety of “Intelligent Transport Systems” (interface, interaction, mode of dialogue, functions, reliability) by the diversified population of users

Human Centred Design of information and communication technologies in transport (in-vehicle systems –car, bus, motorbike-, mobile phone and nomadic devices, variable message signs)

Setting up of ergonomic criteria for designers (system developers, vehicle manufacturers) and creation of new methods for system safety evaluation in real condition and in driving simulator contexts.

2010-2012 Research Activities:

  • DECOMOBIL (user centred Design for ECO-multimodal MOBILity), co-founder of the project

Road Mapping: Identification of the key issues for future research and innovation activities in the area of clean and efficient multi-modal mobility at an international level and specification of priorities in research and innovation activities in relation to identified scientific bottle necks, lack of knowledge in some areas and priorities at European high level.

Contribution to eSafety activities: Identification of and contribution to eSafety WGs linked to user centred design of clean mobility

Organisation of a scientific seminar on Nomadic transport services for multi-modal mobility

Project funded by the DG InfSo, 2011-2014

  • DETRA (Developing the European Transport Research Alliance)

Analysis of sharing knowledge tools and processes within the European Research and Innovation area. Organisation of a Stakeholders Forum workshop to discuss recommendations for sharing knowledge in the future in order to produce final recommendations, 2011-2013.

  • Instant Mobility (Instant Mobility for passengers and goods in urban area)

Definition of use case/scenarios for transport multimodal navigation and planning systems for nomadic devices, funded in the framework of the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership-Future Internet initiative of the EC, DG InfSo, 2011-2013.

  • SAFEWAY2SCHOOL (Integrated system for safe transportation of children to school).

European project funded by the European Commission DG RTD 2009-2012, Accident analysis and identification of safety critical situations in the Framework of school bus transportation, investigation in the French data on accidents of vulnerable road users such as children, leader of the Activity “Ergonomics design and acceptability of a warning and notification system for bus drivers and vulnerable users: analyse of school bus driving task, identification of needs and in relation to identified critical contexts, definition and specification of HMI for on-board systems dedicated to warn school bus drivers and to allow anticipation and decision taking

  • SAFERIDER (Advanced Telematics For Enhancing The Safety And Comfort Of Motorcycle Riders), Design and evaluation of ICT for Powered Two Wheels, European project funded by the European Commission DG InfSo 2008-2010, leader of the Activity « Verification methodology and tools », partner of the Activity « Design guidelines and training »

  • MOBIVILLE, Development of a Public Transport and Navigation (GPS) service on mobile phone National project funded by the French Ministry of Enterprise, 2008-2009, in charge of the ergonomic design and evaluation of the service

  • HUMANIST (Human Centred Design for Information Society Technology)- European Network of Excellence (NoE) funded by the European Commission DG InfSo, 2004-2008, then Virtual Centre of Excellence, 2008… co-founder of the NoE
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